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Who we are



       This website is the brainchild of Bheemanna Pulla. This initiative is an extension to the summer classes conducted by PINAKA. It is created to give continuous support to the all job seekers.   In this site, we strive to provide the syllabus, pattern of exam, analysis of previous years question papers and material for preparing for all competitive exams. The administration of student-guidance website has been done under the supervision of Bheemnnaa Pulla, Manchester, UK.


        PINAKA is a society for people’s empowerment. It has been initiated to bring quantum change in the lives of youth in drought-stricken Rayalaseema area in Andhra Pradesh. Its chief motto is empowering the people by way of creating awareness, capacity building and helping them to achieve their peaks in their career. To start with, a youth empowerment program has been started in 2012 and successfully completed the said programme for the past 5 years in Rayalaseema districts. In this program, in each center, 100 undergraduate students are trained for 21 days in soft skills, life skills and career counseling, especially about competitive exams. This program is being conducted in 6 centers in Rayalaseema districts, 4 centers in Chittoor district, Piler, Palamaner, Madanapalle and Nagari, and one each in Anantapur and Kurnool districts. This is complete free course. The spirit behind this programme is Shri. B. Yadagiri, IRS.


Pinaka is the bow of Lord Shiva. It is considered to be the most powerful bow ever used. Shiva is said to be using this powerful bow, for launching missile like arrows for inflicting greater damages on the enemy. It is like a missile launcher in modern parlance. We endeavor that our PINAKA institution, acts as a powerful launch pad for making the students to reach their destination with ease and perfection. Our logo symbolizes our vision. In our logo, Lord Shiva wields, His bow, Pinaka in left-hand and releasing “Pasupatastra” with right hand.   The caption of the PINAKA is “born for your success”

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